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The Art of delegation – Tales from the horse’s mouth

The Art of delegation – Tales from the horse’s mouth

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Fine-turing family businesses for a new era

Family businesses were the particular beneficiaries of three decades of favorable global economics. Now operating a la familia should prompt soul-searching about...

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Tiffany Royal Polo Charity Cup – Chiron sponsors

This July, Prince Harry and a host of athletes took part in The Tiffany Royal Charity Polo Cup. The Cup...


Equine Facilitated Learning at Gothenburg University

Dear all, We are very excited to announce the last but not least emotion seminar this spring semester in combination...

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Founder’s journey – how it all began

When I first started experiencing and researching equine facilitated learning, I knew I had come across something extraordinary. As all...

McKinsey Quarterly May 2015

CEO succession planning begins with developing your leaders

Organisations that invest in leadership development from very early tenures have a definite advantage when it comes to transitioning to a...

impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome

“If I am such a success, why do I feel like a fake?” Impostor syndrome is a very real phenomenon...