“I was fortunate to participate in Åsa’s Equine Facilitated programme customised for a small group of professional women. The experience is described as “high impact – slow release” and that’s exactly what it is. Read Åsa’s article to get a flavour and Åsa will bring it to life in the workshop. Sincere thanks to both the human and equine facilitators who worked so insightfully and generously. It’s one of the most profound personal and professional development experiences I’ve had.”

Kate Ng, Executive Coach, London Business School, UK

“This is a truly transformational course and, as a leadership development practitioner, I don’t say this lightly. Among the many insights I had, perhaps the most applicable was learning something unforgettable about presence: I experienced the effect on the horse of my own presence and internal state of mind.  If I felt calm and confident, the horse would follow. If I ignored my inner state – perhaps felt a bit confused or unclear, the horse would not.  When I acknowledged what and how I felt, the horse walked side by side with me. What that means for my own leadership was a deeper awareness of how my inner state of confidence, conviction and calm can impact others.”
Kirstan Marnane, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company, UK

“As a numbers driven guy, the idea of working with horses was a leap of faith – but now I am so glad I trusted Åsa on this one!!! It was truly amazing to see how the horse brings in a totally different and so valuable perspective. As Åsa is such a capable coach and therapist, a short introductory discussion prior to my introduction to the horses already had launched me into a quite deep reflection, and in my conversation with Åsa I took her along to some pretty heavy problem-solving and soul-searching. Åsa’s horse therefore surprised both of us when she started to playfully “horse around” – until we realized that the horse’s wise advise was to approach some problems in life a lot more playfully! The horses’ sensitivity and power as a catalyst for insights really is astonishing – but so is Åsa’s ability to read both coachee and horse, to guide both on their exploratory journey, and to synthesize in the end deep yet concrete and practical insights. I never would have thought that a day with horses can yield such a profound experience!”

Master Expert, McKinsey & Company

“I was sceptical to this method at first, but when I experienced it I became convinced that it is an excellent method. The sessions made it possible for me to see myself and my relationship to other people in a new way. Just plain contact with horses is not enough in itself – for the process to be developmental, you need a leader who understands both horses and people, and who can interpret what is happening. Åsa Björnberg does this very skilfully.”

Anna Karin Kollind, Adjunct Professor, Gothenburg University, Sweden

“Working with horses was a surprisingly insightful and very interesting experience. Åsa makes you feel like you are in safe hands, which is important when dealing with large animals or animals you are not used to. She led me through some carefully selected exercises, where I found completely new forms of non-verbal communication. Positive long term effects have emerged from this work, which was entirely suited to my individual needs. I recommend this work warmly.”

Peter Mäsak, Entrepreneur, Sweden

“I am so pleased to recommend the work Asa and her co-facilitators do at Chiron. The “high intensity, slow release” impact of the experience still resonates with me. The lessons and metaphors that were brought to the fore by the wonderful horses will stay with me and I will continue to mull them over for a long time.”

Collette Murray, Engagement and Programme Manager at London Business School Leadership Institute, UK

“I was extremely fortunate to take part in Åsa’s Equine Facilitated programme with a beautiful group of professionals. The experience with the horses was really powerful and it is still simmering in my body. What I loved about the workshop is that I’ve developed beautiful anchors based on several moments of bonding and grounding with the horses that I can access whenever I need to feel empowered.  
I was truly impressed by the way Åsa facilitated the whole process with such generosity, wisdom and professionalism. Sincere thanks to both the human and equine facilitators who provided us with beautiful insights and breakthroughs. Amazingly powerful and beautiful experience!”

Lucia Ceja, Happiness Director, Positive Organizational Psychologist, passionate about entrepreneurial families, Spain

“I spent two days last week on an unusual farm in Rutland being taught by horses. The course is run by Åsa Björnberg, with the help of Lesley Gough (who has created the farm with her husband Malcolm). Åsa is a clinical psychologist, an ex-McKinsey consultant and a specialist in leadership and family businesses. That’s the professional bit. She is also a complete delight to be with as a teacher and guide. Åsa has a lovely, welcoming warmth, infectious positive energy and a passion for bringing this experiential learning to business leaders and others.

I wanted to experience non-verbal communication to support my work as a leadership coach. Before last week I knew almost nothing about horses and was a little wary of them (they are big creatures). What I learned was that they have big hearts, distinct characters, independent minds and surprising levels of empathy, tenderness, affection and stubbornness.

There were three of us on the programme, with Åsa and Lesley guiding us throughout. It was a revelation to see how the same horse would behave so differently with each of us – reflecting how it experienced us, how we transmitted our inner states (calmness, arousal, excitement, pleasure, authority, ambivalence). I found I could lead a huge horse by a thread and get it to do my bidding – but only once I had gained its trust – leadership by consent. After that it ran for me (well, cantered) and seemed to delight in its free movement (like dancing, I thought). With me all the while using body language and energy to let it know what I wanted. I learned also from what the horses wouldn’t do for me. One refused to move – for an absolute age – until I figured out what connection it required from me to move on. Another taught me how hard it is – for me at least – to set a boundary and clearly communicate my authority (i.e. “You must not enter this space”). This mischievous young horse walked all over me! And it was definitely down to me, not the horse. A moment later the same horse was a model of obedience for my quiet colleague. She was showing each of us how effective or otherwise we are at being clear, giving us instant, honest feedback. And helping us learn from the experience (I did eventually get her to respect my instruction!).

Åsa’s skill in designing and facilitating this course meant that I felt completely safe, supported and informed at every moment as we took time to experiment and to learn. We spent many hours working directly with the horses and debriefing on what we were seeing, what it revealed about each of us, the implications for leading and influencing others. Turns out I am very calm around these big animals – and the little ones. They taught me to recognize that – even enhanced that strength in me by being so calm around me in return.

I’m indebted to Åsa for creating the programme and to Lesley and her beautiful herd of 7 horses for allowing me to learn from them. Now I’m intrigued to see how this plays out: how I will be as a result with my friends, colleagues, clients and those I teach.”

Des O’Connell, Leadership Coach with Sherwood PSF Consulting – Oct 10 2017