Bespoke consulting

Family business: bespoke consulting

We collaborate as a team of highly experienced family business consultants: Professor Nigel Nicholson at London Business School and Heinz-Peter Elstrodt, PhD, previously Global Head of Family Business at McKinsey & Company, and currently Executive Fellow at London Business School.

Our combined seven decades of experience in the field of leadership, organisation, governance and portfolio strategy, means that we can help you with:

  • Next generation: developing leaders and owners of the future;  tailored “vision quests”
  • Succession: shaping the ongoing journey between generations – vision, values and strategy
  • Governance: ownership, family and corporate – structures and processes
  • Relationship facilitation: conflict resolution and improved interpersonal relations

Our offering to family firms lies in the intersection of the technical and the interpersonal, which means both “soft” and “hard” skills.

This applies across all dimensions – whether it is shaping an ownership governance system, creating a corporate board, managing the process of intergenerational succession or developing the next generation as competent owners and/or skilled business leaders.

We recognise that family firms require knowledge from different disciplines, and that all moving parts of a family business affect each other. This is why our small team of seasoned professionals have different backgrounds – combining psychology with business know-how, corporate management, portfolio strategy and all sets of governance: family, ownership, corporate. Plus of course a deep experience of developing leaders and creating novel learning and insights for all generations.

A wise client once said that governing a family business is like gardening: it requires patience and sensitivity – but also decisive shaping and pruning. Seeds take long to grow. Much of the growth is not visible, but results can be stunning if you had a clear vision to begin with.