Leadership courses

We offer horse-guided leadership development based on the LEAP model. This model has been used on over 1000 clients in the UK as therapy or learning interventions. We offer equine learning as a stand-alone solution, or combined with other methods, such as 1:1 office based coaching and bespoke interventions for teams or boards.

Horse-guided learning can be done on an individual or group basis. When working with groups, we strive to keep numbers small (typically 5-6, max 8), as experience has shown us that this delivers best quality, depth and allows focus on the individual while the group can provide support without being overly distracting.

We also offer special insights and tailoring for family-owned businesses: boards, top teams, family members and owners – offered by our in-residence family business expert with 12 years’ experience at London Business School as an academic on the topic and at McKinsey & Company, serving family owned conglomerates globally. See here for more information on our family business services.


Leadership programmes for groups

NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION: Two Day Shared Personal Development Master Class, Peterborough, UK. Immersive leadership and personal development in a small group, with attention to the individual’s leadership journey. Profound and accelerated learning with a herd of native horses that are highly attuned to creating personal insight and growth – in a gentle but firm manner. High impact, slow release.

To get information about courses, email info@chironconsultancy.co.uk

Team Effectiveness Journey. 1 day minimum, same team participants

Most popular in the context of transformational change and team who feel they can work better together, where office based workshops just aren’t enough to create deep level of trust and real collaboration. Designed to rapidly accelerate team work and bonding, and have a close look at leadership and followership in the team. For example, one top team were coping with post-merger integration. Differences in the merging cultures made collaboration challenging. The team was able to overcome this through joining up non-verbally, with exercises in the arena designed for shared visioning, problem solving and bonding.

Shared Leadership Journey. 1 day minimum, participants of mixed tenures and roles.

Immersive leadership development in a group, yet with attention to the individual’s leadership journey. People who opt for the shared journey often want to accelerate their learning and share it with others, to achieve more in a shorter space of time and also learn by observing others develop.

Board Clinic. 1 day minimum, participants from same board

Tailored to the challenges of boards: how to work more like a team and less like a committee. Enact strategic thinking about the organisation’s journey. Understand each others’ strengths and shortcomings, leadership. Understand the subtleties of decision-making as not a purely intellectual/rational process but also rooted in intuition.

Existing Leadership Programme Booster Modules. Tailored on request.

The Booster Modules are designed to give existing leadership development initiatives an extra edge and provide embodied learning for its participants. The idea is to help make the learning stick, and thereby up the ROI of leadership development, and bring your overall effort a highly memorable distinction that will attract new participants to your programme.

We create a module that is tailored to your existing leadership development initiatives, and is relevant to the themes of the programme and the organisation. As a kick-off to a longer programme, a mid-point intervention in a field and forum design, or as a closing activity that really brings your participants “home”.

Master Class for Helping Professions, 2 day journey. Small groups only for an intimate journey. Women only options

Tailored to the helping professionals, for example, psychotherapists, coaches, HR directors, ombudsman, counsellors and learning & development professionals. Special focus on grounding, energy discharge and revitalisation for those who have to manage the energy of others in a sustained way.

Leadership and coaching programmes for individuals or two persons

Individual Leadership Journey. Two or more intensive 1:1 half day sessions.
An accelerator for your personal development so that you can go further with yourself in shorter time. Also popular among those who feel “stuck” in their development. The Individual Journey is the ultimate gift for the “executive who has done it all” – individuals who are very advanced in their leadership development and need a new growth edge. 1 day options are also available, though 2 sessions allow for time in between for learning absorption.

Individual Leadership Journey – Field and Indoor Shared Leadership Journey. 1 day minimum, participants of mixed tenures and roles.
Two half day 1:1 sessions, combined with 3 office based coaching sessions or mini workshops on selected themes
An individualised programme that combines outdoor horse guided learning with indoor coaching, and therefore provides more elaborate support in implementation and knowledge transfer from interaction with the horses to the office environment. For example, an executive wishes to improve on presence for public speaking. We work in the field with non-verbal aspects of presence and gravitas, then continue with sessions or mini-workshops to hone the specifics of presentation/public speaking, using the executive’s current speech materials.

Parent and Child Journey. 2 half days or 1 full day (as desired)

A very popular activity for parents and children (age 12 and up, max 2 children) to share time and a special experience, increase self awareness, emotional intelligence and improve family communication.